Daily Draw - The Survivor

 Daily Draw - The Survivor

This card comes with the message, "Things might not work out as planned, at least in the short term. Remember all you have endured and how resilient you have proven to be."

The Wild Goddess on this card is surrounded by her nature. The sun high in the clouds shines on her. The hawk and a doe are behind her watching and protecting her. She stands at the ready, accepting and driven to accomplish the next task. She is strong, knows her connection to the natural world will guide her through any challenges that are to come. She is not a victim, she is part of natural world and cannot be separated from it.

When we see the Survivor in a reading, we are being warned to prepare for change. Things will not work out the way we planned at the beginning. We need to focus on doing the right thing. Being strong and staying healthy. We have to face what is coming, there's no way to avoid it. There is a lesson to be learned and we have to ride it through before we can move past. With a positive mind and body, we will overcome this challenge.

What is happening your life right now that is putting you in this position? Is there health issues? Maybe finances or love woes? Stop avoiding the issue. Turn and face this challenge with your whole spirit. Until you do, it will drag on and on. The only way to move past this is to look it directly in the face, accept what is there and move on. Surviving is a step to thriving. Take a moment and focus, you can do this!

This card comes from the Wild Goddess Oracle by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. If you're looking for a single reading or creating an ongoing advisory relationship, I do have a few slots available. Learn more at neuse river witch dot com shop at confessions of a modern witch dot com
Blessed Be
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