Daily Draw - Trust

 Card: Trust

Message: "Allow me, Divine, to give You my deepest longings, trusting You to know exactly how to handle them."

Imagery of Butterflies continues on this new pull for today. If you recall butterflies represent change, transformation and hope. The artist has a velvety blue background with leaves and branches spread across the card. Near the center two hands cup one of the three butterflies presented on this card. The outstretched palms a symbol of welcome, peace and trust for a millennia. This is the Pushpaputa mudra can be practiced while meditating. Some of the benefits of the mudra include:
Promotes compassion toward others
Opens up the mind to be receptive of blessings of the universe
Promotes inner spaciousness
Helps to overcome fear
Relieves negative feelings and promotes positive attitude
Pushpaputa is a Sanskrit term which means "handful of flowers" and refers to the offering of flowers to God in this mudra.

This is the very definition of trust. As you move forward in your day today, try to find times to pull in or work with this energy today. Trust can be in many forms and can be visualized in different ways. Trust in caring for a loved one, be it human, feathered or fur. Between the physical and the divine with offerings to the gods/goddesses for their guidance and trust that you will find the message you need to move forward.
Take some time today and sit down and visualize your hope and dreams. Create an offering space, be it physical or a post on social media that allow you to focus your energies on creating that future that you desire. As you move forward today, remember that you are the creator of your future, you sing your song, you write your story. Take the pen and author the best life you can have.
This card is part of the Divine Abundance Oracle Deck by Tosha Silver, Art by Fena Gonzalez. If you're looking for a single reading or creating an ongoing advisory relationship, I do have a few slots available. Learn more at neuse river witch dot com or confessions of a modern witch dot com.

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