Sound Therapy - What's Next?

 Welcome to Part III of my journey into sound therapy. Sound has been a healing source for centuries. From wind chimes to healing baths, we use music, sound and even noise to create a feeling. 

How does sound do this? What does sound do?  Let's look at this video that explains some of the ways sound waves act.

Let's take a look at some of the sound tools out there.  Click play on each video and then with a note pad, jot down what each makes you feel.

We'll start with Koshi Chimes. These are elemental chimes and each one is for the four elements. Earth, Air, Fire and Water and are thought to release stress, relieve anxiety and help with insomnia.  

Next let's look at a video on a Nepal Singing Bowl Demonstration. These sessions are said to treat back and knee problems, pain, depression, stress, migraines and eyestrain and also for meditation and charging water. 

What do you think?  Does sound heal?  How about grow food?  Maybe change the way water molecules react when frozen? We know that it is capable of all those things and so much more.

Now what about the negative effects of sound.  Let's talk about what can happen when sound is use not for healing, but for control or negative purposes.

 In World War II, during the German siege of the Soviet city of Stalingrad in 1942, Soviet troops kept German forces awake at night by playing Argentine tangos through loudspeakers. In Vietnam, U.S. forces turned sound into psychological warfare. And we are all aware of the event in Waco Texas where the Branch Davidians were holdup in a compound and stayed for days while the federal government bombarded the area with sound to make them surrender. And of course we all know about the fall of Jericho from the Old Testament in the Christian Bible. 

The story goes, that the Israelites marched on Jericho for six days and on the seventh day, they blew their trumpets and the walls fell.

The video below explains how in 1957, by accident, Dr. Vladimir Gavreau and his research team discovered that sound could also become a very deadly weapon.  Gavreau's team was working on robotics research, when they all became very ill.  After an investigation, it was discovered that there was an improperly installed ventilator motor in their building, that when coupled with a long airshaft, that acted like an organ pipe, had created an inaudible 7 Hz tone.

Let's change directions and move back into the positive with this piece. The 440hz frequency is said to ease the mind, improve sleep and create a sense of calm.  I play these while I'm sleeping at night.

Sound is a powerful tool that can be used for both positive and negative.  It is on the users to decide the best way to proceed in this area.  For me, I relate to nails on a chalkboard as a negative and the beautiful sound of windchimes as the positive. I am looking forward to my journey as a sound healer. I am confident that as long as we as a society look to improve the lives of those around us, we'll always be on the right path, with the right action.



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