What Bad Can Happen with Sound Healing?

 Some people are sensitive to crystal bowls frequency or sound healing.  There are some physical impacts to participating in a healing session.  You can experience nasal drip, headaches, anxiety and even depression, depending on how you respond to the healing session.

Certain medical conditions should take care when attending healing sessions.

An example of those are:

  • Beginners: Start out with slow 5-minute sessions until you see how the singing bowls affect you.
  • Epilepsy: Singing bowls may trigger seizures. People with epilepsy should generally avoid singing bowls.
  • Metal implants: Avoid singing bowls if you have metal devices in your body, such as a pacemaker, coronary shunt, artificial heart valves, or metal pins or staples. The vibration of the singing bowl sound could possibly move the metal inside you, causing injury or malfunction of the device.
  • Bodily conditions: Avoid placing singing bowls directly on or near tumors, implants, screws, or artificial joints.
  • Mental health: Singing bowls often elicit deep memories, emotion, and thoughts. If you are diagnosed with a mental disorder like PTSD, anxiety, or depression, be sure to work with your doctor or therapist to make sure you can manage the thoughts and feelings that might arise.
  • Skin conditions: If you have an inflammatory skin condition like psoriasis, eczema, or hives, practitioners recommend not placing bowls on your body since they could aggravate the skin condition.
  • Pregnancy: In general, avoid singing bowls during pregnancy. If your doctor approves, you might try short sessions, but make sure the bowls are away from your belly and back.
  • Children: Be careful to monitor your child’s use of a singing bowl. Use incorrectly, it can damage hearing.
  • Surgery. After surgery, wait to place singing bowls on your body until sutures are removed and your skin is fully healed.

Sound healing is a wonderful tool to move forward through spiritual healing, emotional healing and chakra alignment. One thing to keep in mind is that in order to have the best experience is to be sure to share any information with the your sound healer.  You healer should ask you about your health, your current emotional status and your readiness to accept healing.

You can only get what you give in this instance. Be ready to accept the healing in order to have the best experience with your healing professional. 

Rev. Renee Sosanna Olson

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