Walking the Middle Path - Virture vs Eightfold Path

 Over the last few months we've been looking at how the middle path of the Buddha crosses over the middle path of Hecate. How each one of the steps on that Buddhist path intersects with the Five Virtues of Hecate. Of course just like everyone else blogging today, this is UPG (unverified personal gnosis). What I do provide is my take on the documentation that I have found to date as well as my personal opinions related to those teachings. This is a wrap up of what we've have discussed to date as well as looking into the person who follows both.

Hecate and Buddha have very different philosophical belief structures. An example would be these two quotes below based on war.

"Of Buddha on war:

"In killing I would be betraying and abandoning the very teachings I would be seeking to preserve. So it would be better to let him kill me and remain true to the spirit of the Dharma."

Of Hecate on war:

And when men arm themselves for the battle that destroys men, then the goddess is at hand to give victory and grant glory readily to whom she will. Good is she also when men contend at the games, for there too the goddess is with them and profits them : and he who by might and strength gets the victory wins the rich prize easily with joy, and brings glory to his parents." - Theio

While I see myself as someone who does not wish to harm others, I also life by the believe that a witch who cannot harm cannot heal. You must have within you the ability to do both, if you intend to do either.

Both are found ancient texts with Buddha being mentioned in the 1st Century BCE and Hecate in the 8th Century BC.  However, their messages are as modern as laptops and TikTok. As I move through my path I have found that both of these keep me in a balanced state. While I sit and walk the path of the Buddha, I can see and feel the spirit of Hecate with. I work on things for her that guide my walk and help keep me in a spot that allows me to protect myself and others.  

One may say, well then, you're not a Buddhist if you choose to fight to survive. The Buddha clearly states harming others is not something we should do, even to save ourselves.  In that sense of the word, I agree, I am not there. 

For me walking the middle path is a way of not only gaining inspiration and guidance from the Buddhist side but also allows me to nurture the connection I have with Hecate in all of her forms. I relate more to her Brimo form.  The angry one, the fiery one and the terrible one. I believe this relates directly to my the abuse I have had in my life and probably my inability to "turn the other cheek". 

I like to say, I don't hold grudges. I merely hold you responsible for your actions. As we all should. I believe that this is something that will not be changing or me anytime soon. I am open to change but I just don't see a way to make peace with the negativity and walk the the path of the Buddha without my occasional cross over to my work with Hecate.

I feel as though these two paths keep me in balance. Just as the waters of the Earth ebb and flow so do our feelings and energies. Each one lifting up as the other drops to help us become who and what we are.

What do you think? How do these two paths work together? It is a successful union? What other energies to you bring into your walk with Hecate? 

Feel free to leave your comments here or continue to send messages over the direct chat tool at the bottom of this page.

Wishing you an amazing Sunday,

Rev. Renee Sosanna Olson

Keybearer to the Covenant of Hekate

Founder of the Sanctuary of Hecate Brimo

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