As the Wheel Turns - Welcome Summer, Hecate & a New Deck

 As the wheel moves forward we're coming up on Litha or the first day of summer here in the northern hemisphere. The symbols of Litha are the sun, roses, sunflowers, honeybees, lightning bugs, sand, and water. The colors of this holiday include yellow, green, gold, and red.

Sun in the Clouds

The people of pagan Europe would light bonfires and dance all night on Midsummer's Eve. Customs included bonfire jumping, with the highest jump believed to predict the height of the year's crop.

At each turn of the wheel, I try to make a change. This time I'm switching up my daily reading deck. A few months ago I picked up The Archangel Michale Sword of Light Oracle by Radleigh Valentine. My first take was oh no, not another "Jesus" focused Oracle deck. While I try to be tolerant of all religions, some have been used to destroy so many that it is hard to give them a pass. Christianity is one of those religions. That's not to say other religions are squeaky clean, it is just to say more death and destruction have been produced by this religion than any other. Even today in our modern time, it is being used as an excuse for removing women's rights, enslaving people of color as well as creating legislation against LGBTQI people. (Please do not message me with "not all Christians". I think we're beyond that now)

Getting back to this deck.  It sat on my table for a while, then I tossed it up in my cabinet and when on with my standard decks. I recently pulled it out and decided to have a look at the cards. When I began to shuffle through them I was pleasantly surprised by the vibrant color of the imagery on the cards. As I read through the supporting booklet, I found that this author presents themselves as a direct messenger of the Archangel Michael and even included a letter from the Archangel to his readers. I did like the fact that the author states that not all higher powers are known by the same word and we should use what word we feel conformable with in each appearance of the word "God". 

As I read through the booklet, it kept creeping up in my brain.  Hecate - Mother of Angels - which I have seen in many modern publications. 

In modern publications, you can find references to Hecate and angels in various forms of literature, art, and popular culture. Here are a few examples:

  • Books: Many books draw inspiration from mythology and incorporate Hecate and angels into their narratives. Fictional works that explore themes of magic, witchcraft, or the supernatural may feature Hecate as a character or draw upon her symbolism. Similarly, books with religious or spiritual themes, especially those rooted in Abrahamic traditions, often mention or depict angels.
  • Poetry: Hecate and angels can be found in poetry collections where authors delve into themes of mythology, spirituality, or the occult. Poets may use these figures as symbols or metaphors to explore various aspects of human experience or to convey specific emotions or ideas.
  • Art: Artists often depict Hecate and angels in their visual creations. Paintings, illustrations, and sculptures can capture the mythical or spiritual qualities associated with these figures. Artworks may explore their symbolism, mystique, or religious significance, depending on the artist's interpretation.
  • Occult and New Age Literature: Within occult and New Age literature, you can find references to Hecate and angels. Books on witchcraft, paganism, and esoteric practices sometimes include information about working with or invoking Hecate, while texts on angelology and spirituality may delve into the hierarchy, characteristics, and roles of angels.
  • Fantasy and Role-Playing Games: Hecate and angels often appear in fantasy literature and role-playing games. These mediums frequently draw upon mythological and religious concepts to create fictional worlds and characters. In these contexts, Hecate may be reimagined or adapted to fit the narrative or game system, and angels may be portrayed with diverse abilities and appearances.

It's worth noting that while modern publications may reference Hecate and angels, interpretations and portrayals can vary, and creative liberties are often taken to suit the specific context of the work.

Comparing the two, Hecate, a goddess from Greek mythology, and Archangel Michael, a prominent figure in Abrahamic traditions, do not have a direct or established connection in traditional mythology or religious texts. Their origins, roles, and characteristics belong to separate belief systems. However, if we explore some possible symbolic or conceptual connections between the two, we can consider the following:

  • Protective Roles: Both Hecate and Archangel Michael are associated with protective qualities. Hecate is often seen as a guardian of crossroads and thresholds, while Archangel Michael is known as a powerful protector and warrior against evil forces. Although their methods and contexts differ, they both embody a sense of safeguarding and defending.
  • Spiritual Guides: Hecate and Archangel Michael are also associated with guiding individuals on their spiritual journeys. Hecate is known as a goddess of witchcraft and magic, and her wisdom is sought by those seeking mystical knowledge. Archangel Michael is often considered a guide and supporter of souls on their spiritual paths, providing strength and guidance.
  • Divine Messengers: While Hecate is not traditionally seen as a messenger deity, Archangel Michael is known as a primary messenger of God in some interpretations. He delivers divine messages and is often depicted with a sword, representing his role as a heavenly herald.

These connections, however, should be understood as more conceptual or symbolic rather than existing within traditional religious or mythological frameworks. It's important to respect the distinct contexts and beliefs surrounding Hecate in Greek mythology and Archangel Michael in Abrahamic traditions.

With this in mind, I decided to move forward with the deck.  The artistry is amazing. From the vibrant colors to the diversity in content, I found that this was a beautiful deck. The messages are clear and visually stunning. I was quite surprised at how drawn to this deck I have become in such a short time. 

Beginning on June 21st, I'll be updating my daily three card pulls that I publish on my Facebook page. Be sure to come over and get your daily reading!  Here are a few photos from the deck.

Such beautiful cards. I cannot wait to being these readings. If you'd like to have a personal reading you can find those listed here

Remember, stay present and mindful.

Rev. Renee Sosanna Olson
Keybearer to the CoH🗝
Founder of the Sanctuary of Hecate Brimo.🔥
This deck is the Sword of Light Oracle by Radleigh Valentine

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