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I am a warrior for the truth and a defender of those attacked.  When I see injustice, I do what I can to expose it.  I will protect the innocent with my dying breath.  I do not say or post things on the web that I would not say directly to the person I'm speaking to. 

I am a wife, a fighter, and a lady.  I only ask for simple respect. I am open to dialog as long as it is open and truthful. I am an atheist but honor the Goddess Hecate's virtues. I am a photo reader,  writer, artist, sculptor, and spiritual counselor. I have developed a new love of jewelry and spend as much time as I can creating new works of art from wire.

I offer respect to you and ask the same. 

Rev. Renee Sosanna Olson - RPO, RSO, RSM, PMI-ACP
Ordained Spiritual Counselor
Certified Holistic Wellness Coach
International Yogi Certification
Certified Crystal Master & Aroma Therapy Practitioner
Certified Expert Sound Healer

Hecate's Call to Protection

Hecate Soteira,
Savior and Mother of Night
Embrace your child with protection and might.

Hecate Brimo,
Angry one’s call
Silence the worlds, silence them all.

Hecate Phosphorus
Bringer of light
Reveal the attack shown in this fight.

Hecate Adonaea,
Guide my magic, direct and firm
All that hurts shall be returned.

Hecate Nyktipolos
Night wandering queen
Open my eyes, allow all to be seen.

Written and Owned by Renee Sosanna Olson
Do not copy without permission

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