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I've been reading since I was a small child.  I've always had the ability to look into someone and seen things. Sometimes those things are not positive. Over the past 25 years, I have honed my skills to read photos as well.  I can look into a photo and see things such as illnesses or infidelity. I offer my services to those who are interested in seeing what secrets are hidden deep within their auras, only revealed to someone attuned to hearing their voices.

Become a Client

As a client you will receive the following:

Consultation includes photo readings and general access via email and chat for the length of time selected. Clients receive 5 photo readings per month and access to submit up to 10 inquires per month via email or chat.

Consultation Time

Become a Subscriber

As a subscriber you will receive the following:

Based on the package selected, send in a photo for a photo reading once, twice or three times a month.

Subscription Options

Readings & Rituals

Below is my shop cart that allows you to pick individual readings and rituals ad-hoc without a subscription plan. Some include a reading as well as an icon to place in your home or sacred space to help manifest your intentions.


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** NOTE - All readings are for entertainment purposely only and should not take the place of any licensed professional advice **

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